To provide a much needed sense of comfort and security to our members in their silver years, AILREA has launched a group health insurance policy for its members since 2015..
The Group Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) commences on 08 Sep of each year and is valid till 07 Sep of the following year. Every year, when the policy comes up for renewal, we hold protracted negotiations with various Insurance companies to obtain the best quotation as well as the most favourable terms & conditions. After this annual process is completed, the finalised details are advised to our members vide newsletters in the month of August so that enrolment is completed in time for the policy to commence on 08 September.
For the year 2023-24, we received the best quote through our brokers Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd., from The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. Our TPA this year will be Health India Insurance TPA Services Pvt. Ltd.
There is no upper age limit to enter the policy. This is a big advantage as most of our retirees are not eligible for individual policies at affordable rates due to advanced age factor.
No medical test is required to join the scheme. Pre-existing ailments are also covered in our policy with just a 60 day cooling period for new members.

Super Top Up Add On Policy

We shall be shortly announcing the Super Top Up Addon Policy for GHIP 23-24.
Generally, Insurance Companies DO NOT OFFER such policies to groups consisting of ONLY Senior Citizens. However as our policy has performed well and remained steady and viable for the past 8 years, we are reaping the benefits of the same.
We are all aware of the High Cost of Insurance as well as the need for having an adequate Sum Insured. The Super Top Up provides an additional cover of 10 lakh at a fraction of the cost of the initial policy cover.
For more information please refer to the GHIP FAQs.