How It All Began

AILREA started out as the Bombay Chapter of Air India Retired Employees Association or AIREA, incorporated in Delhi.

We had planned on taking several initiatives for our members, the main among those being health insurance to complement the medical facilities being provided by AI. However, our parent body in Delhi did not wish to be a part of this and hence the birth of AILREA, duly registered in Mumbai on 10th Jun 2015.

Our Aim

The Association offers a forum for retired Air Indians of all Departments and Grades, to foster a spirit of understanding, cooperation, mutual help and fellowship.

From a membership of 346 in June 2015, today we have over 1200 members across India and continue to grow at a steady rate.

Our Activities

Our members regularly receive newsletters on developments at Air India, latest happenings in the Aviation world, and other topics of interest.

We also hold seminars and presentations for members, by experts in their respective fields, on subjects of relevance to our age group. The seminars include topics like

  • Finance eg investment advice for retirees
  • Legal eg drawing up a will
  • Health Workshops and medical seminars

We also organize entertainment programmes and picnics

To complement the medical facilities provided by Air India, we secured an attractive Group Health Insurance Scheme (GHIP) for members. No medical exam for entry, coverage of pre-existing illnesses and, no upper age limit are some of the salient features of the plan. The GHIP was first launched on 8th September 2015. This is the seventh year of GHIP with more than 1000 members and spouses having enrolled this year.